Our objectives are to progress the economic and social development of mining cities across Australia, share experiences and know-how among the members of the Alliance, and seek to improve State, Territory and Federal policy settings relating to mining cities.

Mining cities across Australia face a range of shared challenges and opportunities.

These challenges include the impacts of volatile commodity prices, the variable quality and capacity of mining companies, long-run uninsured environmental consequences, the net transfer of wealth out of the centres of mining production, and concentrated local economies which often depend on one or two commodities or one or two mining operations.

The risks inherent in these issues affect local livelihoods and, in turn, this places significant demands on the resources, systems and operations of local governments.

The opportunities facing mining cities in Australia include having a strong economic platform upon which economic diversification can occur, possessing vibrant societies in which resident families and individuals can build rewarding lives, and benefiting from high levels of local expertise to attract additional investment.


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