Mon 3 Dec 2018

Australian Parliament releases report on Mining regions and resources industry support

The Industry, Innovation, Science and Resources Committee today tabled the report for its mining inquiry, entitled Keep it in the regions: Mining and resources industry support for businesses in regional economies. The Committee also reports on some positive outcomes for small and medium size enterprises as a result of the inquiry.

The mining industry has built a number of towns in regional Australia of which people are grateful for the contribution of the mining sector but many feel that more could be done. Residents and business owners in these towns want a fair share of the wealth that’s extracted from the land around them. This includes adequate compensation for the impacts of mining company workers and freight and a share of local jobs and royalties invested back into their region to help it grow, thrive and diversify for the future.

This report makes a number of recommendations aimed at improving the capacity of regional businesses to supply the mining sector, ensuring mining companies’ ‘local’ procurement and training is truly local, and addressing some of the barriers to local procurement the Committee identified.

The report:

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