Transformation Authority Support

The Australian Mining Cities Alliance (AMCA), a collaboration of local governments from around Australia, applauds the Commonwealth Government’s proposed National Net Zero Authority announced recently.

The Chair of AMCA, Phil Barwick (Deputy Mayor of Mount Isa City Council) said today; “We have been advocating for the establishment of a Transformation Authority at a national level for the past twelve months and we are delighted to see this eventuate.”

“AMCA advocates for mining communities whose social and economic future will change dramatically.” he said.

“With such an uncertain and in many cases threatening outlook, we believe that governments at all levels have a clear responsibility to plan for and properly manage transformations that ensure that there are no sacrificial communities.”

AMCA raised concerns in June 2022 about the need for the government to meaningfully engage with affected communities and their local governments and advocated during debate on the Climate Change Bill in August/September 2022.  AMCA also supported some aspects of the National Energy Transformation Bill in December 2022.

“We’ve spoken to relevant Ministers, their advisors and agencies like the Climate Change Authority over the past twelve months to let them know how important the Net Zero Economy planning is at a local level.” Mr Barwick said.

“Importantly we have advocated that the ‘Powering the Regions Fund’ must allocate expertise and financial resources directly to affected local governments to ensure that their planning is done well.”

“We look forward to working with Government to ensure that transformation for communities impacted by the Net Zero Economy is place-based, well planned, well managed and adequately funded.” he concluded.