Affordable Housing Solutions in Mining Cities

Yesterday the More Than Mining campaign was launched, in which Australian Mining Cities Alliance (AMCA) has been a key collaborator. This important initiative proposes reform that will address critical housing affordability barriers in mining cities and towns across Australia.

At a time when the Australian Government is conducting its own Inquiry into housing affordability, the More Than Mining initiative offers a practical and meaningful solution that would level the playing field for ordinary people in these communities.

So heavily impacted by the economic swings and the power of mining companies to influence housing demand, our mining cities and towns need the Australian Government to remove inequities particularly in its application of Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

AMCA Chair John Bowler (Mayor of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder) applauded the move and committed AMCA’s active support for the campaign.

“We have too often seen horror stories in the housing markets in our mining cities and regions, which cannot be eliminated by normal market conventions. We believe this is the time for the Government to use its regulatory and taxation tools to do something about it.” Mayor Bowler said.

“If the Australian Government is genuinely looking for solutions to the dreadful problem of housing affordability in our communities, then we have the answer – simply make the taxation for ordinary people the same as for mining companies.”

“The More Than Mining campaign calls for community and business support. The website at has a calculator to show how mining community householders can benefit. It also has a link to petition and we ask mining city residents, businesses and workers to support that petition.”

“We will make a submission to the Government’s Housing Affordability Inquiry and we call on those affected by housing affordability to share their stories and make a submission too.” he said.

Information about the Inquiry is at; bility